A Challenger League of Legends Coach – What Makes One Effective?

Challenger League of Legends coaching aims to see a player belonging to the top 200 or 300 of a region to reach the highest rank after surpassing the previous tiers. Yet for coaching to be effective, it should be personalised starting from Iron level, through Bronze, Silver, Gold, Platinum, to Emerald, Diamond and then to Master, Grandmaster and finally, Challenger

League of LegendsMany LoL players who truly desire to attain the Challenger rank believe that getting coached by a professional Challenger is the more sustainable strategy toward achieving his ultimate goal. Regardless of the role preferred by an aspiring player, hiring a coach with Challenger experience and credentials, will prove to be a valuable resource.

After all, topnotch coaches have an arsenal of tips, techniques and strategies developed and tested throughout the years of dominating the League of Legends playing fields as a Challenger.

Improvements to Expect When Coached by a Pro Challenger

League of Legends d4av3nReceiving constant feedback on one’s gaming performance can do a lot to improve a player’s game play. Doing so raises awareness about the good or bad choices a player makes in different situations.

The first area where improvement becomes noticeable are the basic skills applied when playing the game, such as mastery of support, precision of skill shots and accuracy of positions in Lane and in Team Fights. Roaming around the map and Warding are skills that are incredibly important to have in playing any game role.

Improvements arise out of feedback received from a seasoned coach who gives pointers on what to consider as viable choices and how they could potentially influence one’s game play.

It’s important for a player to learn how to analyze situations so he can make sound decisions on his own. Improving one’s decision-making capability means a player has developed a better understanding of what League of Legends is all about.

While the goal of Challenger coaching is to improve a player’s chances of success in overcoming challenges, there are extra-difficult matches that cause frustration and tilt. More often than not, it leads to the development of self-doubt in ways that affect a player’s performance during matches.

A Challenger coach who has seen all and done all in order to overcome the effects of such struggles, uses his experience in teaching a player how to maintain a positive outlook. The kind of moral support that a LoL coach gives, is one that develops a mindset of improving his game play instead of looking for reasons or persons to blame.