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Previous Awards

The papers receiving these awards were selected from a set of outstanding papers, based on the quantitative and qualitative classifications as well as comments provided by the program committee reviewers, their final classification as full paper and their oral presentation at the conference.

2016 | 2015 | 2014

PhyCS 2016

Best Paper Award

Area: Human Factors
How Are We Connected? - Measuring Audience Galvanic Skin Response of Connected Performances
Chen Wang, Xintong Zhu, Erik Geelhoed, Ian Biscoe, Thomas Röggla and Pablo Cesar

Best Student Paper Award

Area: Devices
NeuRow: An Immersive VR Environment for Motor-Imagery Training with the Use of Brain-Computer Interfaces and Vibrotactile Feedback
Athanasios Vourvopoulos, André Ferreira and Sergi Bermudez i Badia

PhyCS 2015

Best Paper Award

Area: Devices
Towards Voluntary Pupil Control - Training Affective Strategies?
Jan Ehlers, Nikola Bubalo, Markus Loose and Anke Huckauf

Best Student Paper Award

Area: Applications
Heart Rate Monitoring as an Easy Way to Increase Engagement in Human-Agent Interaction
Jérémy Frey

Best PhD Project Award

Bringing Psychological, Affective and Motivational Relevance Frameworks to Real Information Retrieval Systems
Oswald Barral

PhyCS 2014

Best Paper Award

Area: Devices
Online Detection of P300 related Target Recognition Processes During a Demanding Teleoperation Task - Classifier Transfer for the Detection of Missed Targets
Hendrik Woehrle and Elsa Andrea Kirchner

Area: Special Session on recognition Of Affect Signals from physiologIcal data for Social robots
Revealing Psychophysiology and Emotions through Thermal Infrared Imaging
Arcangelo Merla

Best Student Paper Award

Area: Devices
Multiresolution Analysis of an Information based EEG Graph Representation for Motor Imagery Brain Computer Interfaces
Javier Asensio-Cubero, John Q. Gan and Ramaswamy Palaniappan